making of - meinemitte - angelcandles

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making of


It takes great care and patience to make these wonderfully shaped candles that are so fine to look at.
Altogether there are four stages of work:

Cutting the wicks

This is the heart of each angelcandle, its SOUL. It takes up to 30 "dives" into a pot with molten wax to make one soul.

After that each soul will be coated by "diving" it into coloured wax.

In its last stage the soul gets a second coat of colour and still warm has to be formed manually into its final shape. Then it is hung up in order to cool down and become the celestial angelcandle we know.

In order to reach a perfect result - clear separation of colours, perfect shape - there is only a small time slot. If I miss that (the candle is either too cold or too warm) then the candles gets a cracked skin and/or blurred colours.

The first three steps diving the candles is a very meditative work, whereas the last stage giving the candle its final shape is characterised by suspense and excitement. No matter how many angelcandles I have made till today, with each new angel I wonder again: Will this "child of light" develope itself as I wish it to be?

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