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about me

Born in the sign of scales my prevalent topic in life is seeking harmony - both within and without me.

In my apprentice years I served 18 month in a nursing home followed by a teacher training (8 years) and finished them with another training in order to become a physiotherapist (3 years). During this time my way lead me to Mexico (2 ys), Italy (1 y), Australia (1 y) and other countries. However, there was a particular moment in my life whilst a marvellous landscape opened my heart deeply that I experienced the feeling of HOME. My apprentice and travelling years had come to an end.

Today I live in the south of Germany (Ostallgäu in Bavaria) and it was here that given to me as a gift I received my first angelcandle. It was love at first sight. I decided to learn how to make them in order to make my living by them.

In a material way it is a modest living, however, in a spiritual way my life has become very rich. It is amazing how many things I have been taught by my candles in all these uncountable hours of making them. It is a very quiet and contemplative work indeed.

In this way I have found harmony in form and doing outside me and am in a constant process of learning about harmony within me. Could there be a better way?

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